Payment Security

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Payment Security

InfoGard provides a variety of security services within the payment and financial technology market. InfoGard collaborated with Visa to develop the first PIN Entry Device (PED) testing requirements; this enable d us to become the first PCI PIN Transaction Security Laboratory, and the only domestic organization with said credentials. With our extensive experience contributing to emerging security standards within the payment and federal space, we were able to offer our expertise in the development of the PCI Hardware Security Module (HSM) program.

Our trained Security Engineers work with product developers to provide an efficient evaluation of their Point of Interaction (POI) devices. Our effective approach has allowed us to be one of the leading PCI device security laboratories. Our staff is committed to exceptional customer service to ensure our customers’ goals are met, on budget and on schedule.

InfoGard is the only Approved Application Scanning Vendor Validator (ASVV) and IAC Approved Evaluation Facility for the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) in the United States.

InfoGard is now UL! For more information on Payment Security and the services we provide, please visit the UL Transaction Security website.