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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) mandates that applications used for prescribing or filling Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances meet all the requirements stated in 21 CFR Part 1311 Subpart C. The following EPCS Certified Applications Lists identify products that have successfuly completed the formal EPCS testing and certification process through InfoGard Laboratories.

Products are certified for a time period of two years from the date of certificate issuance.  Use of an EPCS certified application is the first step to legally fill or prescribe controlled substances electronically.  Pharmacies and prescribers must also complete an audit process to address processing integrity (prevention of insider threats and outsider attacks).  InfoGard provides a DEA approved process for verifying processing integrity.

Pharmacy EPCS Certified Applications

Cert. ID Vendor Product Comments
IG-3025-14-0003 AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Inc. ePostRx Version 4.20 with eRxScribe Version 1.0
IG-3178-14-0006 Computer-Rx WinRx with eScript Communicator, Version (WinRx) and (eScript Communicator)
IG-3137-14-0002 Foundation Systems, Inc. (FSI) FSI Management System, Versions 12.05 and 14.03
IG-3030-13-0014 KeyCentrix RxKey Version 4
IG-3030-13-0015 KeyCentrix New Leaf Rx Version 2
IG-3735-16-0011 Software Strategies, Inc. RxMaster Pharmacy System v12.2
IG-3426-15-0005 SRS Pharmacy Systems, Incorporated (DBA Scientific Retail Systems) PKon Rx Version 9.362
IG-2934-14-0001 The Kroger Co. EPRN (Easy Fill Pharmacy Retail Network), Version 12.1
IG-3090-14-0007 Prodigy Data Systems, Inc. PROScript 2000 Version 5.1
IG-3062-14-0008 RNA Holdings, LLC Helix Pharmacy System, Version 1.16.20
IG-3022-16-0002 VIP Computer Systems, Inc. VIP Pharmacy Management System Version 6.2.1
IG-2872-13-0002 Vendor elected to remain anonymous
IG-3024-14-0004 Vendor elected to remain anonymous


Prescriber EPCS Certified Applications

Cert. ID Vendor Product Comments
IG-3336-15-0004 athenahealth, Inc. athenaClinicals Version 15.1 and 15.3
IG-3328-14-0009 Community Computer Service, Inc. DBA MEDENT MEDENT Version 20.1.00931
IG-3239-15-0001 STI Computer Services ChartMaker Medical Suite Version 2015
IG-2872-13-0003 Vendor elected to remain anonymous
IG-3024-14-0005 Vendor elected to remain anonymous
IG-3231-15-0002 Vendor elected to remain anonymous
IG-3231-15-0003 Vendor elected to remain anonymous